Artwork > H-O-L-E-I-N-1

dayton castleman art sculpture painting artist dayton castleman dayton castleman
Astroturf, wood, PVC pipe, drain conduit, golf balls, putter, tin cup, wood, hardware
25 x 6 x 3 feet

Installation shot at the University of Chicago

This raised putting surface has 18 holes (the number of holes on a standard golf course) that spell "hole in 1" using Grade 1 braille. All of the holes are connected to a central conduit below the putting surface that deposits the ball into a vintage tin cup. The putting surface is recycled Astroturf from a Martin Kippenberger installation at the University of Chicago's Renaissance Society, and was part of an experimental putt-putt competition dubbed "The Fortuitous Sequel to Martin Kippenberger's Installation," first shown at Experimental Station and subsequently the University of Chicago quad. The project was initiated and brought together by Material Exchange, a Chicago-based collective that focuses on a whole variety of art and design projects with a bent toward creative reuse.