Artwork > Look, Taste, See

An homage to Joseph Kosuth, Look, Taste, See was created for Sensory Iconoclasts in collaboration with Chef Matt McClure of the Hive Bentonville, AR, and shown at The Arts Center of the Ozarks.

Seven six-muffin tins were used to create the interactive piece, and the process began with Chef Matt baking one tin of corn muffins.

One of those muffins was selected, a mold was created, and 21 plaster reproductions were cast. The plaster casts were then painted to resemble 21 fresh baked muffins.

A sample of these muffins were shared with the chef, and 21 corn muffins were baked to closely resemble the color of the painted muffins.

The 21 plaster muffins were arranged and affixed to the muffin tins, and the 21 corn muffins filled out the tins. Guests were invited to have a muffin at the reception, unaware that half of the muffins were inedible, forcing them to feel the muffins to select one.

When all of the corn muffins were taken and eaten the remaining plaster muffins were revealed to be arranged as braille letters spelling the word "muffins."